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'Social sex tech — camming sites, fan sites, etc — are yet to receive the algorithmic finesse, UX attention, and UI love that pushed our dating apps and social apps to wide adoption.' There's a reason for that - nobody will fund us: https://www.fastcompany.com/3065232/when-prude-investors-cockblock-sex-tech-no-one-gets-off MakeLoveNotPorn has been pioneering social sex for nine years (social in our case in the broader sense of the word - we're spearheading the Social Sex Revolution: https://socialsexrevolution.com/). We have proven traction and the ability to do something extraordinary: change people's sexual attitudes and behavior for the better: https://makelovenotporntv.wordpress.com/2019/11/19/i-feel-like-for-the-first-time-i-want-to-confront-my-own-issues-with-sex-and-my-own-sexual-health/ Only two things hold us back, the same two things holding every sextech venture back - lack of access to capital, and inability to advertise (per the banning of sex-related ads by Facebook, Instagram et al). When those two barriers no longer exist - watch this space :)

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